The Freedom Cruisers are a family oriented motorcycle riding club. We represent motorcycle riding, family, unity, traveling, fun and the camaraderie of the members. As members we believe in total freedom, no dues, no initiation fees, no mandatory meetings, and no major commitments. We do not believe in club dictatorship, cliques, power plays, politics or any BS. We are actively seeking new members, both men and women. The bike you ride is your choice, not ours, we accept all. We are not a 1% club, nor are we territorial. We respect all clubs and enjoy good relations wherever we go.
Members of FCRC from CT, MA, and RI Chapters at the New England Motorcycle Museum


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November Chapter Meeting: TBD
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The Freedom Cruisers Riding Club is not a motorcycle club.  What's the difference?  Click the link below for an explanation.
Winter is coming.
Are you ready?

A few maintenance tips for winter storage:

  • Ride it, then fill it with gas, add stabilizer, run bike for several minutes

  • Replace the oil, primary fluid, transmission fluid (if applicable), final shaft drive oil  (if applicable)

  • Wash and wax

  • Lube the chain

  • Condition the seat

  • Battery tender

  • Cover (if storing indoors)

Reg, Tim & Gary - Raveis Cancer Research Benefit, Sept 2019
FCRC 135 members (L to R) Dave, Tim, Gary, Ron, friends Lisa, Vincent, and FCRC 135 member John, after CT shoreline ride November 2019.
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